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Saturday 3 September 2011

Prague Castle: High Vantage Point

At the eastern end of Prague Castle; just before the descend to the Palace Gardens Beneath Prague Castle, is a courtyard that offers spectacular view of Prague on the eastern bank of Vltava River.

Some parts of the west bank can be seen from here as well. For instance, the St. Nicholas Church at Malá Strana.

The eastern part of Charles Bridge can be viewed from this vantage point as well. However, a powerful telephoto lens is required if you want to see more details of the bridge.

Although the view of the western part of the bridge is blocked by other buildings, the bridge tower can still be seen.

Another landmark on the east bank is the Church of Our Lady before Týn with her distinguished two towers. The top part of the Powder Tower can also be seen from here.

Just by the shore of the east bank is another landmark, the Prague National Theatre with its glimmering rooftop.

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