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Saturday 30 June 2012

Ascending the Round Tower of Český Krumlov Castle

It was a Monday, 6th June 2011. I wanted to tour the Český Krumlov Castle but only to find out that it is closed on every Monday, except for the Round Tower.

I was a bit disappointed, but without any hesitation, I paid for the fee to enter the Round Tower.

The climb was easy as the Round Tower isn't that tall. It was equivalent to climbing five to six storeys in a modern building.

The medieval mood is maintained at several parts of the staircases, making the climb even more interesting.

As I ascended higher and looked through the windows along the way up, I already knew that the scenery offered at the observatory deck should be rewarding.

However, as I got out onto the observatory deck, it wasn't the scenery that first caught my eyes. It was this interesting trapdoor that swivels upward at the end of the last flight of staircases.

Only after that the beautiful scenery of Český Krumlov was presented in font of my eyes. I went a few rounds round the Round Tower. It is really a Round Tower as it made me went round and round.

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