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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tissues Issued!

One of the things that almost every traveller will bring in one's day pack is a small packet of tissues. In the big cities of Japan, there is no need to bring along this item that every traveller thinks is necessary.

Just within one day of roaming around in the streets, you may get abundant of tissues issued by the promoters on the street. Getting more tissues than what you need on the streets of Tokyo is not uncommon.

This is one of the cheaper ways of doing advertisement in Japan as billboards are very expensive. Most people won't welcome flyers too. I find it an efficient way of advertising as nobody would mine a packet or two tissues issued to them.


BMG said...

Hey CK, the marketing style looks very interesting although I doubt its effeciency. but anyways the LEC Style, with the legal mind look very funny to me eventhough I dont understand a word. Maybe you can translate it?

CK Ng said...

Hi BMG, thanks for dropping by.

My knowledge of Japanese is very limited, but the LEC seems to be offering professional courses and seminars for those who are going on a career development.

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