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Saturday 29 September 2012

Mos Burger in Singapore

Singapore was the place when I first tasted Mos Burger food nearly twenty years ago! I fell in love with the burgers there since then. I kept going back to this Japanese burger chain. I have even been to the Mos Burger restaurants in Japan.

When I went to Singapore recently, I put Mos Burger as one of the places I should visit on my gastronomic adventure.


After I have got my camera serviced and matters on Central Provident Fund settled, I saw the Mos Burger sign on the way to the MRT station, so I decided to complete this item on my food list here.


Something that caught my eye was the Premium Wagyu Burger. I have never had this before, neither in Singapore nor Japan. So, it wasn't hard for me to decide on what to order. The beef patty was definitely more succulent and tender than normal beef.


I also prefer the thick-cut fries at Mos Burger to those thinly-cut ones found at other burger chains. Each bite of the fries satisfied both gastronomic senses of crunchiness and tenderness.


My only disappointment about Mos Burger is the serving size. Perhaps it is tailored more for those who frequently go on a weighing scale.

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