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Saturday 5 January 2013

Rotiboy and Beard Papa's

Rotiboy is a Malaysian brand that has marked its name overseas as well in Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and Saudi Arabia. The signature product is of course the bun that carries the same name, with coffee topping and butter filling. I had the original Rotiboy several times already during my previous trips to K.L., and during my recent trip, I decided to try the recommended item, Buttermilkboy.


The Buttermilkboy comes with vanilla topping and buttermilk filling, as the name suggests. Similar to the original Rotiboy, it has a crispy crust and a fluffy and thicker inner lining. The buttermilk filling is very creamy with sweetness that is just right. If you are in K.L., do try some of the Rotiboy pastries. You won't regret.


Beard Papa's on the other hand is a chain cream puff stores with its root in Japan. I tasted Beard Papa's cream puffs in Singapore many years back and they have become my top-of-the-list dessert item. I seldom miss it if I am in Singapore.


Beard Papa's cream puffs are crispy pastry shells filled with whipped cream custard. There are many flavours for the filling, but I prefer the original vanilla flavour to the others. The cream puffs are something to check out if you are on a gastronomic adventure in Singapore.


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