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Saturday 12 January 2013

Shanghai: The Bund

Back in year 2009, I visited Shanghai just before the World Expo the following year. As the whole Shanghai was under major "renovation" preparing for the World Expo, the waterfront at the Bund of Puxi (浦西) was closed.


I was trying my luck walking along the barriers to find a spot where I could get a view of Pudong (浦东) but I came to total disappointment when I talked to one of the construction workers. He told me that there was no chance that I could get on to the waterfront as the whole stretch of it was under reconstruction.




The only consolation was that I got a rare chance to photograph the "unfinished" Bund whereas others would have the same photos of the completed waterfront. I asked around again on how to get across the river and was told that the fastest was to take the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel of which I was told it's a waste of money before I went on this trip. As I wanted to get across to Pudong (浦东) as fast a possible as the day was getting dark, I had no other option but to spend RMB40.00 on the "light tunnel" ride.



I was still considered lucky that I managed to get on the waterfront of Pudong (浦东) to catch the twilight hour of Puxi (浦西). The weather was freezing cold in December that touching the tripod was like holding ice in my hands. When the sun had set, it got colder!



When the sky was turning darker and became uninteresting, I turned around and photographed the Oriental Pearl TV Tower (东方明珠广播电视塔). Once I was done with it, my mobile phone rang and it was my friend calling for dinner, so I called it an end for my first day of roaming around Shanghai.



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