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Saturday 10 October 2015

Oahu Market

Oahu Market is the oldest market in Chinatown of Honolulu dating back to 1904. It is not a very big market but an interesting place to see all types of meats in the Chinese culinary culture.


It is interesting to see that the raw and cooked pork are sold side by side. The raw pork stall even had the head of the pig in the display cabinet. The cooked pork stall was selling the typical barbequed pork and roasted pork that can be found in Malaysia easily.



Whilst the pork was sold both raw and cooked, the glassy-eyed fishes were sold in whole or cut. They were all laid or stacked on beds of ice to ensure freshness. Although this is Chinatown, the fishmongers were mostly Japanese.






There were more stalls selling cooked meat when I ventured deeper into the market. As you can see, the signboard of one of the meat stalls was so casually done with just a piece of paper with handwritten name. I guess that didn't stop customers from patronising the stall.



Oahu Market is dominantly a meat market with very few fruit and vegetable stalls. However, these stalls were very easily spotted with all the colourful goods that they are selling.



Other than food, there was a stall selling bubble tea and smoothies. The sign indicated that food was also available as Vietnamese bento.


Basically Oahu Market is for the meat lovers. If you are not the kind that would like to see a whole pig being wrestled around the crowd or if you are vegetarian, then the other nearby markets maybe more suitable for you to roam around.


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