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Tuesday 14 August 2007

To Play or to Pray? That is the Question – Beijing Travelogue (14/12/2006 - Day)

On my second last day in Beijing, I visited the Pang Jia Yuan Antique Market (潘家园旧货市场). It is filled with all sorts of merchandise that you can or cannot think of. When I was about to enter the market, I came across this lovely trishaw that must be recorded into my memory card.

The first things I saw in the market are these remarkable necklaces that a woman can’t resist and a man can’t have any excuse but to buy for her.

If you are looking for a lamp for your home décor, this is a good item to have.

Putting this smiling face on your office desk can help you to distress from your bosses’ grumpy faces.

A mahjong game after work isn’t too bad an activity to distress as well.

Or maybe a Chinese chess game can help your mind to unwind after a hard day’s work.

If you know how to play Chinese checker game, it is one kind of an interesting game.

After all the games, this abacus will come in handy when you need to count your winning or losses in a game.

Of the two facial expressions, which one is most likely the portrayal of your mood today? I hope it is the smiley face for you everyday. :-)

If you have shopped more than what your suitcases can accommodate, it is not too late to grab a few more suitcases.

I wish I could bring this home, but I don’t think I’ll play my precious records on this machine!

I don’t have the talent for this, so please wait till somebody who has the talent to pick it up.

The keyboard hasn’t evolved too much since the mechanical typewriter days, it's just a matter of the amount of pressure that you need to exert on the keys.

But cameras have evolved abruptly since digital images were invented. Have you seen a digital camera nowadyas in these shapes? :-)

I ain’t need any thumb ring, but they form lovely patterns for a shot.

I ain’t need this silver ware too, but it is surely a masterpiece of handicrafts!

Some of these may make good souvenirs, pick one colour for each friend and you won’t miss anyone.

Getting a pair of kissing sheep as souvenir for a loving couple is not a bad idea at all!

After seeing enough of the stuff at the antique market, it was already in the late afternoon, so I immediately made my way to the Lama Temple (擁和宮). This Temple was built by one of the Emperors in the Qing Dynasty. There are many pavilions like this inside the compound for the prayers and tourists to rest.

And one can pray at one of the many prayer halls here.

Young or old Lama getting in and out of a prayer hall is a common scene, but hard to capture on camera.

There are magnificent prayer halls one after another.

After seeing much of the buildings at large, I started to admire the details on this wooden column.

Before I left, I managed to see one Lama doing his studies in one of the prayer halls.

After the visit to the Lama Temple, it was still early in the evening with bright sunshine, so I continued walking to the 'hutong' (胡同) where the imperial educational institution, Guo Zi Jian (国子监) used to be. That'll be in the impending part of my travelogues. :-)

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