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Friday 17 August 2007

CK Goes to Italy – Fiesole

Fiesole is a small town at the outskirt of Florence. It is located on hills at about 8 km northeast of Florence.

On the 22nd of May, 2006, I took the ATAF bus No. 7 from the Stazione di Santa Maria Novella in Florence at 9:22 a.m. bound for Fiesole. Thirty minutes later, I was already at the Fiesole terminal station.

This small town went into my itinerary because of the viewpoint which offers the five-star panorama of Florence according to my Lonely Planet travel guide, so it gotta be good. Getting to the viewpoint was not so easy for me as I need to walk up the steep Via S Francesco. However, the walk was quite pleasant with posh restaurants along the way.

The spread of flowers at one of the restaurants are so colourful that I have forgotten about the hassles in climbing the steep and winding street.

This restaurant has another creative way of arranging the plants to attract patronage.

Sighting of this tree marked my arrival at the viewpoint. There were not many people around, so I could have a large territory of the viewpoint to myself.

All the hard work of climbing the steep street really pays off with this view of the olive groves and valleys, not to mention the spectacular city of Florence below.

By zooming in, I could recognise the two landmarks of Florence. On the left is the Palazzo Vecchio with its bell tower soaring higher than the other towers. The brown-tiled dome of the Duomo on the right is unmistakable.

This is another view that I could see from the viewpoint, but I know the name of the place with that turquoise blue dome. Anyway, just enjoy the view, hehe!

It's not just the view of the city of Florence below that I could see from this viewpoint, there is also nice view of the olive groves in Fiesole itself.

Continuing further up the steep street led me to this church at the very top of the hill.

Satisfied with my hiking up the hill and all the nice scenes that I could see from there, I came down to the main street of this small town.

Being tired and thirsty, I ordered this fruit punch of strawberry, pear and tangerine to quench my thirst.

And to replenish my energy for the day, I requested the waiter to send me this pizza with tuna and olives.

Being satisfied with a nice drinks and a good pizza, I walked slowly to the bus terminal to catch a bus back to Florence.

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