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Saturday 8 September 2007

CK Goes to Italy – Amalfi

After about an hour of swivelling around on the bus ride from Sorrento to Amalfi along the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana), my final destination of this joy ride was finally visible from the narrow ribbon of asphalt.

The lovely coastal town under constant sea breeze was getting nearer by the minutes.

The very first thing I did after alighting from the bus was walking to the very end of the jetty.

And, of course, not forgetting a self-portrait. :-D Was that 'ang moh' lady at my back picking her nose?

There's a church up the hill with this interesting bell tower of colourful facade.

The view of the waterfront is just breathtaking!

And the shore protection rocks formed a very interesting subject for photography too.

There are a lot of seagulls here. I saw three of a kind perching and posing for me on the shore rocks.

Oh uh! A seagull shouted at me, "Hey, you paparazzi there, don't take my photo! Back off!" Another one just couldn't be bothered.

However, there were more and more of them wanting their portraits taken by me, as I'm wearing the sign "Bird Portrait Photographer."

As I walked towards the beach, the sun was getting stronger to lure all these bikini gals to show off their curves on the sand.

Some of the buildings here are painted with colourful patterns and scenes on the walls.

As I walked to the other side of the beach, I could see some hunks, and children having their great day with the sun, sand, wind and water.

I explored Amalfi town further along the cliff, admiring all the beautifully decorated buildings.

And I was rewarded with this scene at just a turn around the cliff.

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Anonymous said...

huh? Italy are great and beautiful ler ... i heard a lot regarding the pick pocket and theif stuff and the safety issue over there ... is it true ... how many day have you spend over there? Is it worth to go this place by its self without going other Europe country.

CK Ng said...

Hi Henry, Italy is really a beautiful country, perhaps the most beautiful of all European countries.

Pick-pocketing is outrages in big cities of Europe, including Rome, Florence, etc. I was pick-pocketed on a bus in Naples. The gypsy lady managed to pull out all the banknotes from my wallet with my wallet still intake in my front jean pocket!

Italy is worth a visit just by itself. I can say that I have only covered half of the attractions in my 30-day tour.

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