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Wednesday 22 August 2007

CK Goes to Italy – Verona

The romantic yet tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet cultivated my interest in this beautiful town in northern Italy. On the 25th day of May in the year of 2006, I set my feet on Verona in the quest of love. Oh, Juliet, here I come, though I'm not Romeo!

Oh my goodness, there were already so many people there looking for Romeo and Juliet! I better act fast so that I'll win Juliet's heart way ahead of my rivals.

I needed some sports outfit for a little workout before I see my Juliet, so I rushed to the nearest T-shirt stall to grab a soccer jersey as the FIFA World Cup was in season.

I gotta find a place for my workout to stay in shape. This Roman Arena looks like a good place to start with.

After a few rounds around this pink marble Roman amphitheatre, was I in better shape then?

Oh, my dear Juliet, are you behind this wall?

Juliet! Oh, Juliet! Where art thou?

I picked up some flowers along the way for my Juliet, I'm sure she'll be more impressed.

I have finally arrived at Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta) after a few turns around the streets of Verona, and started calling out her name.

I would carve my name with yours around mine on this graffiti wall for our eternal love.

I would sing for you every night beneath your balcony, but please do not throw your dinner leftover on me. By the way, do you like Jacky Cheung's number?

My lovely Juliet has finally showed up at the balcony, and she was really impressed by my singing. I have finally won her heart by singing another Jacky Cheung's number.

Shall I cook zucchinis for our candlelight dinner tonight?

Should I buy over this Casa Mazzanti on Piazza delle Erbe as my eternal home with Juliet?

Or maybe Juliet will be more impressed with this Loggia del Consiglio on Piazza dei Signori?

I strolled along River Adige, hand in hand with my lovely Juliet.

We went across Ponte Pietra and climbed the hill to admire the view of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

We couldn't have enough of Verona.

Again and again.

We took our final glance at Verona.

And we finally tied the knot at this romantic garden café.

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