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Tuesday 25 September 2007

Another Good 'Kolo Mee' Place Around Kuching

As I've mentioned in my previous post, there are many variations of 'Kolo Mee' in Kuching. Some stalls use 'straight' noodles, some use the 'wiggly' noodles, and you can also ask for the 'kueh teow' (broad and thin rice noodles).

I went to the coffee shop at Kota Sentosa today for breakfast. Kota Sentosa is a small town more commonly known to the local people as 7th Mile. There is an old coffee shop here that was transformed into a food court a few years back, and the shop owner who is still manning the 'kolo mee' stall sells excellent noodles. The 'cha siew' is still one of the best that I have tasted so far around Kuching.

This is a bowl of 'kolo mee' with the 'wiggly' noodles that I had this morning. Look at the shiny fried minced pork and 'cha siew!' Could it be considered a 'healthier' version because of the vegetables? Hehe!

Can't see all the goodies inside the bowl clearly? Never mind! Let me blow it up for you to have a closer look. Haha!

Still haven't got enough of it? OK! Let me zoom in to the 'cha siew' and the 'wiggly' noodles.

Another specialty drinks at this food court worth mentioning is the 'teh "c" peng special.' It's made of a layer of gula melaka syrup, a layer of evaporated milk, and a layer of red tea. Yummy!

If you happened to be in the vicinity of Kota Sentosa or 7th Mile, it's worth trying them out for yourself. :)


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

sarawak konlo mee is very popular here. in fact i can't think of many paces tt sell d soy sauce konlo mee anymore. d only thing i don't like about sarawak konlo mee is d bbq pork-tooo dry n d red dye is scary.i always ask for d pork mince.

CK Ng said...

Those 'bbq' pork that tastes dry are probably just boiled prok with the red colouring coated later. The bbq pork at this place featured in this post is roasted just right. The meat is juicy and some thin edges are slightly burnt.

Anonymous said...

agree agree!!!
as a sarawakian....i'm really proud 2 b one...lolz...
can enjoy so much nice food...especially de 7th mile teh c peng u intro..=P....did u noe dat dey r de 1st one 2 do de 3 layers teh c peng? hehehz....dat's make dem so kolo mee there nt bad de....i enjoyed it most tym while i worked around there during my vacationz...hehehz....still gt lots food in kch u can enjoy de....laksa oso one of de nice n special one...=P


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