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Sunday 23 September 2007

'Cha Siew' Frenzy

As I've mentioned in my earlier post, we were looking for the famous 'cha siew' (叉燒, barbecue or roast pork) along the road next to Jalan Alor (Tengkat Tong Shin) in K.L. but to no avail. After I have checked with the list my friend forwarded to me, this famous place for 'cha siew' is called Meng Kee (明記).

I went there again another day but Meng Kee (明記) was closed, so I just settled at another 'cha siew' stall at Restoran Ching Hai (青海茶餐室), just at the junction of Jalan Tong Shin and Tengkat Tong Shin.

The strands of 'cha siew' look very well roasted, waiting to be sliced on the chopping board to feed the 'cha siew' connoisseurs.

When the 'cha siew' was served on my table, I know that it gotta be good. Look at the slightly burnt tips and the shiny glaced surface! Its taste is on the sweet side. Although I didn't taste the one at the famed Meng Kee, I think the 'cha siew' here is good. You can have a try on your own when you are looking for food near Jalan Alor.

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