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Wednesday 26 September 2007

Top Ten Sights in Istanbul – No. 10: Süleymaniye Camii

The Süleymaniye Camii (Süleymaniye Mosque) in Istanbul is in fact the most important mosque due to the magnificent ruler and the great architect, Süleymaniye the Magnificent and Sinan, respectively. However, this mosque is always overshadowed by the most prominent mosque in Istanbul, Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque).

Süleymaniye Camii was built from 1550 to 1557 on top of a hill as an imperial mosque in the grounds of the old palace, Eksi Saray.

The mosque framed in arches of the main courtyard.

The mosque as viewed through the main courtyard entrance, the Muvakkithane Gateway, and an arch.

The main dome and the two sky-scrapping minarets.

The main dome of Süleymaniye Camii.

The arches surrounding the main courtyard of the mosque.

The domed and arched corridor of the main courtyard.

The mosque interior with a sense of soaring space.

The height of the dome from the floor is exactly double its diameter.

The main dome is supported on four pendentives.

The interior is lit by giant chandeliers hanging from the dome and pendentives.

This is a side aisle of the mosque.

The details of a pendentive supporting the main dome.

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