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Tuesday 16 October 2007

Athens – The Homeland of the Gods: The Central Market

I like to walk around markets whenever I am in an unfamiliar city, as I can see the food that is most common to the local people there. I got a touch of the daily life of the locals whenever I visited a market. Market vendors are usually friendlier than those at the souvenir shops and they usually don't mind me taking their photos. This is another reason I like about markets.

Well, the Central Market in Athens is no exception to the list of markets that I've visited. There are mainly two sections in the main building of the market, namely the meat and seafood sections. The vegetable and fruit vendors are sprawling along the two streets opposite the market building.

The Central Market is right in the heart of the city, so it is no hassle at all getting there. I walked from my hotel which is near the Omonia Metro interchange station towards where Acropolis is and the Central Market is just along the way.

The meat section of the Central Market is just some covered streets beside the main building.

The butcher will just chop off any required part from the whole carcass.

The seafood section is located inside the main market building.

There are many types of fish to choose from, all in wooden crates. I think most of the fish markets in Malaysia use stainless steel trays. This is what I call the different ways of life.

Some of the fish mongers even use fruit to decorate their display, like this one with slices of watermelon. Impressive!

Squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses are aplenty too. The display is decorated by carrots and capsicums.

Although it is a market with mainly food stuff, you'll find some stalls selling art pieces too. Does this have any relation to the butcher?

A Greek hunk selling fruit! This must be the desperate housewives' favourite stall.

Another fruit stall that sells mainly tomatoes. Are tomatoes fruit or vegetable?

This is what I call Ferrari-red and juicy tomatoes.

Does a green capsicum turn red?

Pickled olives are sold by the kilo. We only get to see bottled ones in Malaysia.

What is the green grape doing in a pile of red grapes?

Somewhat lost?

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WoMbOk™♂ said...

The fruits and fish on display is refreshing. Though i would have second thoughts eating the watermelon after. lol.

CK Ng said...

Hey, those watermelon slices are freezingly refreshing after being left on the bed of ice flakes until all the fishes are sold off! LOL!

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