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Monday 22 October 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: Whitewashed Cube Houses

Have you ever wondered whether white is a colour? If you think that it is a colour, why do people categorise photography into black & white and colour photography? If everything is white in a dream, what do you see?

Well, those are the questions for you to ponder on. I'll just continue to show you what I've seen in Greece. This is my first post on Mykonos, a very beautiful island on the Aegean Sea.

Matina is a Greek lady who was born on this island. She's married to an Athenian who now lives on the island with the family. Yanis is one of their offspring who picked me up at the 'New Port' of Mykonos and sent me to the hotel named after his mother, Pension Matina.

The so called 'New Port' at Mykonos is just a quay with mooring bollards and a canopy with benches, nothing else. When I called up Yanis to pick me up, he asked me whether I was at the 'Old Port' or the 'New Port.' My answer was: "I don't know." Then he asked me what I saw around me, and I told him just a few whitewashed cube houses on the slopes, nothing else. Yanis answered: "Oh! Then you are at the 'New Port.' Wait for 15 minutes and I'll be right there." I was puzzled then because the 'New Port' looked deserted to me. "This should be the 'Old Port'," I thought.

After Yanis have picked me up, we passed by the 'Old Port' and it looked much newer than the 'New Port' by the nice waterfront of Mykonos Town. "Well, sometimes something new isn't better than the old one," I said to Yanis. He nodded in agreement and giggled.

Pension Matina lies on a hill on Mykonos island, overseeing the Aegean Sea. It is a nice place for a relaxing vacation, but the climbs back to the hotel everyday really stretched my leg muscles to the limit.

One of the accommodation blocks at Pension Matina.

The poolside of Pension Matina where I had breakfast everyday.

After I have left my belongings at the hotel, I carried my camera backpack and started my exploration downhill. There are some new cube houses being constructed just outside Pension Matina. The maybe blocks of another new hotel.

The nearly completed cube houses.

As I walked further downhill, I saw more and more whitewashed cube houses along the way. It looks like the architects here have run out of design ideas, or is there an architect involved? Some of them are so small and cute that they just look like toy houses or the sugar cream on a cake.

A little cute whitewashed house on the hill.

Another view of the little white house that looks like sugar cream.

One of the top end hotels sitting high on the hora. This hotel is called Myconian Inn.

A cube house belonging to the local residents.

It took me around an hour to venture downhill for a distance of just 800 or so metres to the waterfront. It wasn't due to the rough terrain, but it was my passion in photography that stalled my pace.

The waterfront, or so called Mykonos Town is also full with whitewashed cube houses. I just couldn't put down my camera in Mykonos!

A cubic building by the waterfront used as a hotel and a restaurant.

Hotel Apollon by the waterfront.

Apartments resided by the locals.

Another apartment building by the sea.

The old saying says: "Where there is sunshine, there are Chinese people."

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Anonymous said...

nice pictures.. Greece is definitely one of the "must visit" places in my life goal...

CK Ng said...

Hi jimberlykyy, thanks for dropping by. :) Yes, the Greek islands are paradise on earth!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

These blue and white pics are striking and beautiful! my guess is it never rains in Mykonos so the houses have flat roofs?

CK Ng said...

Thanks for your kind compliments again, Terri. :) Ya, rainfall is almost non-existent during summer on the Greek islands. It can get quite wet in winter, though.

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