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Saturday 27 October 2007

When an Angel Sings... Alison Krauss

In 1995, I watched the movie called Twister in Singapore. A scene in the movie had made a very deep impression in my memory, not because of the screenplay, but the song that was played through the radio broadcast in that scene.

If you don't know the movie 'Twister,' this is the movie poster.

I quickly went to a CD shop after watching that movie to grab a motion picture soundtrack of the movie. This is the song that I listened to over and over again after I acquired the CD, and I only got to know who Alison Krauss is then.

After that, I had been searching high and low for her albums but to no avail. CD shops in Singapore and Malaysia didn't carry any titles by Alison Krauss, and sometimes when I asked, the reaction was like: "Who's Alison Krauss?" Not until years later that I have heard another song by her in a compilation CD for audiophiles, I had another chance to listen to her very beautiful song featured in the album Now That I've Found You: A Collection.

Since then, I have been slowly acquiring her albums, some featuring the band that she is in, the Union Station. The first album that I managed to get in hand was Forget About It with the song that I like most in this album, 'It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference.'

The second CD that I've found in Singapore was New Favorites by Alison Krauss and Union Station followed by 2-CD set of Alison Krauss + Union Station: Live featuring the song made very popular by Ronan Keating and the movie Notting Hill, 'When You Say Nothing at All.' I personally like Alison Krauss' singing of this song with a flavour of folk.

Probably a year or two later, I got hold on a re-released Now That I've Found You: A Collection on audiophile pressing. Not long after that, my brother who's an architect and a part-time (weekend) LP (long-playing) records dealer in Singapore gave me an LP of this album, and it is really a gem! It's so rare even in the U.S. market that it could have easily fetched him a couple of hundred U.S. dollars, but he gave it to me instead, knowing that I'm so crazy about Alison Krauss.

Last year I found out that Alison Krauss released another album with Union Station called Lonely Runs Both Ways. I ordered it through and was taxed 20% on it by the Malaysian Customs, still worth all the money that I've paid. Another gem! Here are the two songs that I like most in this album, 'Wouldn't Be So Bad' and 'Goodbye is All We Have.'

For over 10 years, I have been listening to all the CDs and LPs of Alison Krauss in my collection over and over again and they have never failed to touch my heart. I have heard an angel sings. Have you?

My collection on Alison Krauss.

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