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Wednesday 24 October 2007

The Specialist: Kuching Episode

Do you still remember that hit movie in 1994 starring Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone (SS & SS)? If you can't remember, never mind. Let CK have a remake of the movie to present to you here!

The Chinese BBQ Specialist shop must be one of the oldest shops selling Chinese barbecue stuff in Kuching. It is located right at the heart of Kuching city that is within walking distance from all the major hotels around the 'Golden Triangle.' You won't missed it as it is just opposite the Tun Jugah shopping complex. You can easily spot it with that signboard of two Donald Ducks, instead of SS & SS.

The shop has a creative signboard using Donald Duck as its mascot.

I had an appointment with Greg & Nee (not SS & SS) there for lunch one day, but they were running very late. So, I ordered a plate of pork-rib rice for myself. I personally like the BBQ pork ribs here, probably the best around Kuching.

A plate of rice with a few pieces of chopped pork ribs is RM3.50 (USD1.00), quite a reasonable price for a plate of rice with meat in Kuching.

The shiny glazed surface of the ribs really raved up my appetite.

I had already whipped up all the food even before Greg & Nee had arrived. With two persons, they could order more meat, so they ordered a mixed BBQ and roasted meat plate, with two bowls of soup. I hijacked a piece of the roasted pork and it tasted really good! I gotta go back again for this item as I had never tried it before this.

The skin of the pork is roasted to perfection with the golden glow!

This is the double-boiled 'xi yang' veggie soup (西洋菜汤) which literally means western veggie soup.

The ginseng chicken soup (人篸鸡汤) looks good to me. I gotta try that next time.

Do you need directions there? Well, let this Google Earth™ map do the help.

Chinese BBQ Specialist on Google Earth™.

You can also read about the food review of this place at Greg & Nee's blog.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

:) enjoyed this post.

CK Ng said...

Thanks Terri. :)

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Mouth watering pics sifu.

They are truly specialists in their trade alright. There is no competition to their sio-bak. Hmm.. should try the soup there sometime.

Perhaps our next 'after photoshoot' dinner destination?

CK Ng said...

Is the shop open during dinner time? If it is so, then why not?!

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