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Thursday 11 October 2007

Athens – The Homeland of the Gods: Exposé at the Parliament Building

If you travel around Athens by Metro, you won't miss the busiest of the three interchange stations called Syntagma. Right above this station is the Plateia Syntagmatos (Syntagma Square) where protests and rallies are regularly held.

When you look east from Syntagma Square, you'll see a palace-like building, and that is the parliament building of Greece in Athens, which is formerly the royal palace. The building itself is not much of an interest, but what lies in front of the palace is really an eye opener! I bet you haven't seen anything like what I'm showing you here!

I already told you that the parliament building is nothing fancy.

Look at that handsome guard! Nothing fancy too, right?

But if you point you vision down to what the guard is wearing on his feet, you'll probably laugh your @$$ off! Aren't these the pom-pom shoes that should only be worn by the pom-pom girls? Tee hee hee!

And if you look at his uniform below the waist with the special exposé during the movement time, you'll definitely roll on the floor laughing your @$$ off! Who says tight pants and skirts are only for women? WA HA HA HA!

Beware! If he's mad at you, he may just kick your butt!

Alright, humour aside, this guard is called an 'evzone.' 'Evzones' are guards traditionally from the village of Evzoni in Macedonia. He is wearing the traditional uniform that was worn by the 'klephts,' the mountain fighters who fought in the War of Independence.

Some may agree that it takes two hands to clap, but the 'evzones' take two feet to clap, because their hands are too engaged in the rock, paper, scissors game.

I thought I can only see this kind of movement in a pom-pom girl show, but I've just witnessed men pom-pom girls wannabe, right in front of the parliament building of Greece. Tee hee hee!

If I were to clap feet and play rock, paper, scissors with both of them, then I gotta rest my butt on the floor, but I'm already ROFLMAO! Let me tell you a secret, if you wanna win in the games, just roll out paper everytime, because they only roll out rocks! WA HA HA HA!

Sometimes they just stomp on the ground when they feel offensive of all your laughter, so beware!

I told you! They only roll out rocks in the game!

O.K. Since they rest their legs and hands, I rest my case too.

The evzones perform the movement every half and full hour, everyday, probably just to relax their muscles for their full day of standing still. They perform the full changing-of-the-guard ritual on every Sunday at 11 a.m.

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Greg Wee said...

Legend has it that those flasher skirts and soft bunny shoes are actually deadly battle tactics. When enemies roll on the floor with laughter, they are at their most vulnerable position. It is then that they attack!

CK Ng said...

Is that rock, paper, scissors game posture a way to distract the enemies as well?

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