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Friday 28 December 2007

Santorini – Almost Heaven: The Cliffs and the Sea in Oia

Oia is basically built by the cliffs of the caldera. The scene of a steep cliff dropping into the deep blue sea is not uncommon. Coupled with the scene of buildings built on and/or hewn into the volcanic rock, what I could only do was just twitching my right index finger on the shutter release button.

My breath was taken away.

It was really fun to rub shoulders with the passersby on the narrow streets.

My breath was taken away, twice!

What kind of life does one have in Oia?

If this is not heaven, where on earth is it?

My breath was taken away, thrice!

This is so surreal!

A work of art is in progress.

Tada~~~ A piece of artwork similar to the painting is out, but not as good as the one by the painter though.

The cutest windmills I have ever seen.

There are not many windmills left in Oia, I saw only three there.

You don't need any other reason than this to visit Oia.

These buildings are gazing at the sea at every moment.

Why can't I stay in Oia forever?

A building hewn into the cliff of the caldera.

If I climb the stairs 10 times everyday, the doctor won't have to advise me to go for brisk walk anymore.

Look at how steep the cliffs are!

My breath was taken away for the fourth time!

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Beth Ellen said...

they are all awesome but I really love the 3rd and 5th photos for the compositions. Lovely place.

CK Ng said...

Thanks Beth. :) Oia is indeed the most beautiful village I've seen. It's so unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

hi, CK.
i really enjoyed your blog, with all those breathtaking pictures :)
greece is definitely on top of my "to go" list, and viewing your blog has inspired me even more!
tq :)

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