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Monday 5 November 2007

The White Dream in Mykonos: Roaming the Streets

Walking in the narrow streets in Mykonos are just like walking in a maze. You never know where the streets are going to get you to. It took me quite a while to familiarise myself with directions around these streets. However, I quite like the feeling of being lost inside the maze, because, as Forest Gump has said: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."

Well, don't take my advice if you are in a hurry. Don't miss the ferry!

All the narrows streets are lined with shops. Ladies, it is quite a shopping haven but watch you wallets!

A shop that sells decorative figurines.

This is the shop that I lingered around most. Why? Please read on.

The answer: banana Nutella crepes!

Another answer: cakes and desserts!

When I felt tired and wanted to laze around, there is nothing like having a chilled Coke by the waterfront, and light, of course!

Oops! How come there's a plate of mussels in Greek cheese and tomato puree beside the Coke?

Never mind! I can gobble it down in just a few minutes.

Another main course? This time round is the Greek sausage in Greek cheese and tomato puree.

Hmmm... This must be where the chefs get their tomatoes.

Oh no! I see food again! Should I roast them, deep-fried them, or stewed 'em? No you don't! These are Petros the Pelican who have been the mascot of Mykonos for over five decades.

Oh mama! I don't wanna be roasted, please take me home!

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s.kuan said...

love the crepe shop. so cute

S-V-H said...

I like your blog! It is refreshing and full with great shots! And Greece is full with treasure subjects!

Anonymous said...

More great photos of Mykonos! You enjoyed your time there, didn't you -- and especially the food!

Anonymous said...

i love that shop...really nice..wish im the owner...:)

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