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Saturday 20 October 2007

Piraeus – Tinos – Mykonos

The Greek Islands have been everybody couple's dream destinations for a romantic vacation. But, I've got to correct that statement, as much as I was alone, they were also my dream destinations for my travel photography.

Piraeus is the port of Athens about 8 km away from the city centre. The most convenient way to get there is by Metro. Piraeus itself has not much of attraction, but it is every island hopper's gateway.

On they day that I was leaving Athens for Mykonos, I had to get up before sunrise so that I could get to Piraeus on time for the Blue Star ferry that was scheduled to leave very early in the morning. Well, in fact I overestimated the time taken by the Metro and arrived one hour before the ferry left Piraeus.

The port of Piraeus early in the morning.

The Blue Star Naxos harboured next to the one that I was on board, the Blue Star Ithaki.

The ferry set sail right on time as scheduled.

I bid farewell to the mainland.

The ferry that I took was not an express vessel, so it made a stop at an island called Tinos. There were quite a number of tourists who alighted here as it is also one of the renowned resort islands.

The town centre of Tinos.

In fact the port of Tions is just next to the town centre.

I bought an economy class ferry ticket that has no designated seat number, so that meant free-seating. You'll definitely find a seat on the free-seating of Air Asia, but a seat is not guaranteed on the Blue Star Ferries. Every economy class passenger just have to roam around on board and find his or her own territory.

I first found a seat in the lounge, but after I returned from the open deck, the seat was already taken.

I finally settled on a seat at the cafeteria sharing a table with the other travelers.

Six hours later, I found myself on a paradise! Please stay tuned for my feature on the Greek Islands.

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Anonymous said...

I remembered the ferries I used was not that great and quite run down. Lucky you. Cyn

CK Ng said...

The Blue Star Ferries company is quite alright. The one I took from Mykonos to Santorini was quite run down too, but that will be another feature story. :)

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I can already imagine the sandy white beaches. Hehe

CK Ng said...

If you are expecting white sandy beaches, you'll be very disappointed. Haha!

Anonymous said...

To be honest there are a lot of stunning white sandy beaches in Cyclades, all of tremendus beauty.. All you have to do in order to find them is look for em!
Anyway.. I would like to make a note about your photo.. The town in your fotograph is not the center of Tinos but it is the town center of Syros.. The main port of Syros actually!
Come visit our country again in order to discover white sandy beaches this time!!!!

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