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Friday 19 October 2007

The Banquet: Kuching Episode

Do you still remember that there was a film called "The Banquet" or 'Ye Yan' (夜宴) which created quite a stir in the Chinese movie scene last year? After watching the movie, I have no deep impression about the overall scene, but Zhang Ziyi's (章子怡) character reminded me of a desparate housewife, and that avenging prince played by Chen Guanxi (陈冠希) looked like a gay.

If you have forgotten what it is, then this movie poster should bring back your memories.

The official English poster of "The Banquet."

There is a sequel made in Kuching by CK that premieres here in CK Go Places! I proudly present to you, "The Banquet: Kuching Episode" right here and now!

The opening title!

The entrance of the restaurant resembles a futuristic space ship.

The restaurant owner uses a classic car as a decorative item at the entrance.

The dining hall is surrounded by glass panels on three sides, providing very good natural and warm lighting.

The steamed shrimp dumplings (水晶虾饺皇) were the best amongst all the food we ordered, though not the best I have had. One steam box with three pieces costs RM5.50 (USD1.60).

The steamed shrimp and chicken dumplings (鱼子烧卖皇) were also quite nice by Kuching standard, though I prefer the one with pork rather than chicken. One steam box with three pieces is RM5.50 (USD1.60).

The steamed BBQ chicken buns (密汁叉烧包) skin was very soft and fluffy, albeit the BBQ chicken filling that is way behind buns with BBQ pork fillings. One steam box with three pieces costs RM4.50 (USD1.30).

This is a steamed shark's fin dumpling (鸡粒鱼翅卖), good item to order! One steam box with three pieces costs RM5.50 (USD1.60).

These are called the steamed Shanghainese dumplings (上海小笼包) but they were dry inside. Shanghainese dumplings should be full of broth in the filling! One steam box with three pieces is RM5.50 (USD1.60). Not recommended.

These steamed chicken rolls with BBQ sauce (烧汁鲜竹卷) were also not too bad. One steam box with three pieces costs RM5.50 (USD1.60).

The steamed shrimp Pacific clams dumplings (鲍贝珍珠卖) were quite good an item to order! One steam box with three pieces costs RM5.50 (USD1.60).

This steamed 'cheong fun' with BBQ chicken (香葱叉烧肠粉) was a failure. The skin was not smooth at all. One serving is RM5.50 (USD1.60).

And lastly, we had a plate of dry-fried 'hor fun' with beef (干炒牛河). The ribbon rice noodles were not fried thoroughly to my taste, but the flavour was alright for me. One serving is RM20.00 (USD5.90),not really good value for money though.

If you do need to use the male toilet, be aware that the people from outside can see you!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hmm!looks like the same architects designed kk's Grace Point. same steel columns n high roof, open washrooms etc.The dimsum looks very good, esp the baos and hagow. but prices seem steep.will they survive??

CK Ng said...

I think most architects in Malaysia are just copying each other's design. There is not much of uniqueness in Malaysian architectural firms anyway.

It is pathetic for Kuching people as there are not many places to get good dim sum. I guess this place can still survive if they improve on some of the items.

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