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Monday 15 October 2007

Food Feast at the Open-air Market in Kuching

The Open-air Market is one of the oldest hawker centres in Kuching. The history can be traced back to the British Colonisation period, and even back to the Rajah Brooke period. It is just right opposite the first shopping complex in Kuching, the Electra House. It has got nothing to do with Carmen Electra though.

After our photography outing at the wet market at Main Bazaar, me and Jedi #001 and Jedi #002 decided to have a food feast at this old but prominent eatery. These two Jedis just couldn't stop bullying each other, even in the midst of taking photos. Well, I guess this is just some ties between a sister and a brother. If I bully any one of them, I think both of them will team up and point their gun barrels at me immediately!

Alright, here goes the food!

The celebrated Open-air Market 'sio bee' is one of my favourite. You either love it or hate it, because it is different from the ordinary 'siew mai' or steamed dumplings that you get in dim sum restaurant. These are the dumplings that have the chewy and gluey texture.

This fried daikon (Chinese radish) cake or 'lo bak go' is one of the best in Kuching! I didn't even know that before this, haha! This is the salty version, I gotta go back and try the sweet type!

This is also a must try item here, the 'gu bak mee' or beef noodles. This is the dry type. You can ask for the noodles in broth too.

To washed down all the food, there are plenty of stalls selling shredded-ice drinks. This is Jedi #001's order, the mixed-fruit-jelly ice.

This is how the drinks are prepared.

The Jedis who whacked up all the food. Jedi #001's shirt matches the colour scheme of the Open-air market well.

Here comes the Yoda! Photo courtesy of Jedi #001.

The return of the Yoda! Photo courtesy of Jedi #001.

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