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Saturday 6 October 2007

The People Who Posed for Me in Istanbul

As I have mentioned earlier, the Turkish people in Istanbul are extremely friendly. They seldom turn you down if you ask for their permission to take their photos. After seeing you taking the photos of the people that you've asked, some others will just come up and pose for you without having to ask them.

The hotel restaurant waiter who posed for me at the kebab station.

Two gentlemen who are manning the kebab station near the Spice Bazaar.

Two young ladies who man the local fast food outlet near Eminönü.

A Turkish ice cream seller who asked for USD2.00 after I have taken his photo. I knew he was joking.

The two gentlemen who asked me to have their portraits taken. One of them then asked me to send the photo to his mobile phone but unfortunately my camera doesn't have Bluetooth connection.

The other gentlemen who asked me to take his photo with his cousin at the Spice Bazaar.

A shopkeeper at the Spice Bazaar who asked me to take his portrait.

A policeman and a lady waiting to get across the road at a traffic light on the way to Grand Bazaar.

An old lady selling the bird feed beside the New Mosque (Yeni Camii).

A young girl selling fancy spinning tops to tourists at the Blue Mosque.

A young couple at a junction of the main streets in the city.

A hunk doing the catwalk at the same junction.

Catwalk on the street of Istanbul.

Oops! The are certainly not Turkish. I guess they are Koreans.

A political party leader campaigning for the election. It's so sweet of him giving out roses to his supporters.

A boy at the ghetto who asked me to shoot his hip-hop dancing pose.

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

nice pics. so J Lo's husband moonlights as a kebab chef huh.

CK Ng said...

Thanks again Terri. :) WA HA HA HA! Maybe J Lo likes kebab so much that the husband might as well open a kebab restaurant.

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