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Saturday 15 March 2008

The Ticket to a Childhood Dream

When I was a child, I always sat in front of the TV waiting for that Disney tune to play and anticipated very much for Mickey Mouse to appear on the screen. I don't like mice, but I just love Mickey! I hope I don't get labelled as having split personality for that!

When I first knew about the Disneyland where all those Disney cartoon characters lived in, I always wanted my parents to take me there. Apparently that didn't happen, so I had to keep that as a dream. When I grew order, this dream became more distant.

Not until our recent trip to Hong Kong, this long forgotten dream was realised!

After taking our lunch at Mak's Noodles, we boarded the Disney Express heading straight into my childhood dream.

With the children in us unleashed, we flashed our BALLs (pun definitely intended) in front of Mickey!

To the best of my knowledge, Snow White was the first full-feature animation movie in the world. It was such a hit during its release. I still remember that she immediately became my dream girl after I saw the movie. Though the criteria of my dream girl has changed over the years, I still find her cute!

Mickey was definitely one of my idols during my childhood time, among Doraemon and others.

Mickey was never out of sight when we were walking towards the heart of this wonderland. He was featured with his girlfriend Minnie and his other mates Donald, Goofy, etc. There was even Mickey figurines made out of crystals! Oh my!

The Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely not the most popular one among others, but having been to any of them is every child's dream comes true. Every child would believe that this is the world that they would want to live in. Well, I'm just speaking it for myself. I won't mind living in a world like this even at this age.

We didn't plan to ride on any of the heartbeat accelerating machines, but we were attracted to this Astro Blasters. So, we joined the kids blasting away the space monsters in outer space!

Without any merchandise to trade with the aliens, we decided not to go to the outer space this time round.

Leaving Tomorrow Land, we entered Fantasy Land. This is the land where Winnie the Pooh and gang roam around.

The three 'old' kids hopped on to the Disney Train for a round trip of the Disneyland. Well, it was just an excuse to save the walk!

We wanted to watch the Lion King Musicals, but having been lost in the Adventure Land, we were denied entry at the theatre as the show had started. So, the best thing to do was to secure the sweet spot for the fireworks show at the Sleeping Beauty's Castle. After about an hour's wait, the fireworks show had finally started.

Coupled with the music, this has got to be the best fireworks show that I've ever seen! It was just so romantic. I would have proposed to any girl I know beside me. Unfortunately the only girl I know there was already married.

Though heavy-hearted, we still had to leave this land of our dream and got ourselves back to reality. I wonder whether there's a way for us to live in our dream forever.

It was just like yesterday that I saw Mickey in black-and-white animated series on TV. Although I'm a bit too old to idolise Mickey, but finding the child living in me once in a while is such a wonderful thing.


s@m巧彦 said...

mickey is my favourite character in disney too!
i used to have mickey shirts, mickey shorts, mickey earrings, mickey book, and watched mickey shows when i was young. but as i get older, my friends told me to stop being so childish with all my cartoon stuffs, and that was the time i stopped collecting mickey stuffs.
all in all, i still love mickey =)
ps: i would still wear mickey t-shirt, occasionally. =D

CK Ng said...

Same here, I like Mickey as much as I like Doraemon. Haha! :D

haan said...

stunning firework shots..

CK Ng said...

Thank you, Haan. :)

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