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Wednesday 21 May 2008

The Ultimate Sushi

Why am I talking about sushi again? Well, I haven't been to this place when I put up my previous post on sushi. This is THE place in Japan for sushi if you want to know what the best sushi is all about.

The rule of thumb in finding a good restaurant is to look at the number of seats taken, but that rule does not apply here, because all the seats are always taken. So, I reverted to looking at the number of people queueing to wait for their seats.

This is the legendary Daiwa Sushi (大和寿司) at the Tsukiji Fish Market. There are always more than 50 people queueing to get a taste of the best sushi in Japan.

After about 2 hours of waiting in the queue, I finally got close to the front door. I didn't get the usual Japanese hospitality from the lady who ushered me to my seat. Her face looked like I was owing her ¥1,000,000. When she saw me with my camera, she shouted: "No picture!" With the same long face.

With the popularity of the restaurant among the locals and tourists alike, they don't serve the a la carte during the peak hours. Everybody is obliged to have the set that costs ¥3,500. It was alright for me as I wanted to order the same thing anyway, but the 'ang moh' sitting next to me was so dumbstruck that he unwillingly accepted the offer. Probably he just wanted a taste of the best sushi without having to pay so much.

There was an a la carte menu outside of the restaurant, but they didn't accept any food order except the set order without any notice outside the restaurant. I think the 'ang moh' was not the first person dumbstruck by the 'rule'.

Well, customer service aside, the food was really good. This was the kind of sushi that really had the feeling of 'melt in your mouth'. You should be able to tell the juiciness from the photos.

After I have paid, I took a quick snapshot of the restaurant and run, because I was afraid that the lady would come after me for my camera!


s@m巧彦 said...

i crave for sushi all the time and you always write about sushi.
sooooooooooooooo sad, i can only see but cannot eat.

CK Ng said...

Making you craving will help you to enjoy it more next time. :)

cooknengr said...

Have you had Bashashi馬刺身 yet ? You gotta try it! It's on Watami Izakaya's menu. You can find Bashahi else where too...I have it 5 time on a 11 day tour.

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