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Friday 23 May 2008

The Many Faces at the Hitsujiyama Koen

Hitsujiyama Koen is a very popular park amongst the locals staying in Tokyo and Saitama. Therefore, when the shiba-zakura flowers are in full bloom in early May, everybody flocks to this park to have a closer encounter with nature.

Thanks for bringing me here.

I'm happy to see so many colourful flowers!

How does my photo turn out?

Check out that handsome guy there!

Today is my lucky day!

Mama! I want hug hug!

Papa is not getting me ice-cream!

The Boss.


Anonymous said...

ck babe and baby watching!!

CK Ng said...

Haha! You've got a better title than what I came up with. :D

Anonymous said...

yeah...stalker man...both babes and babies hehehe....

gosh that little fatty at the end can qualify as a baby sumo wrestler.

CK Ng said...

Hehe... The babes were happy with me ascertaining their beauty from the perspective of photography. :D

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