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Friday, 18 July 2008

Be Amused

I guess everyone visiting an amusement park will be amused, no? I personally have not gone on board a roller coaster ride, not because I am afraid, but I always have a big camera bag with me that I cannot carry on board and there was no storage locker at the boarding station. I will surely make a trip solely for all of those adrenalin pumping rides soon.


There are many amusement parks around Yokohama, but I think this Yokohama Cosmo World is most known to the tourist as it is just ride beside the posh waterfront.


This is an amusement park for children, so there is no fast and furious ride available.


The most thrilling ride is just on the Ferris wheel.



Chizmosa said...

Hello... love to x-links with you. Kindly see my blog and tell me if you're interested. If you do, add my blog in your blog roll and leave me a message with your URL and link in my blog. Thank you and I will wait for your response.

eunice said...

Awesome shots! I particularly like the 2nd photo in this post. Love the contrast!

Anna said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by at my blog. My kid would really enjoy to be there!

Adam said...

I enjoy roller coaster rides too!

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