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Thursday 17 July 2008

Mansions on the Yamate Hill

The Yamate Hill at Yokohama was the area chosen by the European people for their settlement when the port was forced opened to foreign trade in 1859. Most of the mansions built by these earlier settlers still remain on the hill. There is also a Catholic church on the hill.


New mansions are still sprouting around this area and it has become a residential area for those living a high life. It is not hard to understand why the international schools are abundant here as well.


Some of the old mansions were renovated into posh cafes for those who fancy high tea to kill a lazy afternoon.


When I arrived at the visitors' centre, it was already closed. However, the courtyard was a nice place for a slow stroll to admire the mansion from different vantage points.


Some mansions were converted into tourist restaurants. Even though I was considered a tourist, I did not dine in here because I am not living a high life.


Some mansions were converted into museums displaying the history of Yamate Hill.


Yamate Hill is generally a nice area for an evening stroll. However, be aware of the crows flying overhead. When I was near a fence where one of them was intending to perch on, its claws scratched my head before the landing!


s@m巧彦 said...

didn't know that Japan has such historical places...
fantastic pictures!

CK Ng said...

Hi Sam, welcome back to my blog. Japan has many historical heritages of traditional Japanese culture, but historical heritage with a European touch is scarce.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Very nice structures indeed. And crows really freak me out.

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