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Friday 4 July 2008

A Landmark, Indeed!

The Landmark Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Japan standing at the Minato Mirai 21 district in Yokohama. It stands at 296m tall with a shopping mall, restaurants, offices and a hotel inside it.

There is an observatory on the 69th floor which is named Sky Garden. I didn't get up there due to time constraint. Perhaps I'll go back there again in the evening for sunset and night shots of Yokohama one day.

There are many other buildings around the Landmark Tower but they are all dwarfed by it. The Ferris wheel on the right belongs to the Yokohama Cosmo World amusement park.

The lower floors are dedicated to shoppers, typical of a modern commercial building. There is a grand piano at the foyer where visitors can enjoy life piano music at any time.

The shopping mall has a ceiling consists of a series of skylights inducting natural light to lit most parts of the mall during day time.

This funny structure, or sculpture, outside of the Landmark Tower resembles a roller coaster to me. I hope I have not interpreted it wrongly.

The Dockyard Garden just outside of the tower consists of all the boutique restaurants. It will certainly be more lively when night falls.

It was indeed designed to resemble a dockyard.

The Landmark Tower has indeed become one of the landmarks in Yokohama as it is the tallest man-made structure in this second largest city of Japan.

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Anonymous said...

great capture of the human expressions

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