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Thursday 24 January 2008

Leaving Macao

As I've mentioned in my previous post, we had a hard time looking for food, I mean good food, in Macao during the evening of our arrival. We asked the hotel staff where to find authentic food and they scratched their head too. Some of them recommended the hotel restaurant and we kind of believed them and decided to try the complimentary breakfast.

It seams that all the function rooms in the hotel were fully booked for that day. Hmmm... impressive!

We felt cheated by the hotel staff after looking at what was offered on the breakfast selection. We could have wandered the street again to find better food.

However, I found the pork congee quite alright after adding loads of topping.

I think that was what was worth showing up here. The rest of the food was just not worth mentioning. The other better food here is the toast with butter. Do you need a picture of that? I don't think so.

After an unsatisfying breakfast, we wanted to get out of this land of no-good-food as quickly as possible, so we hopped on to the free shuttle bus to the Macao-Hong Kong ferry terminal (港澳码头).

Although Wynn lost hands down to Lisboa and Grand Lisboa in terms of flashy neon lights and blinking bulbs, it was trying to win back one round with the picketing at the ferry terminal.

The ferry terminal doesn't look like one! It's more like a shopping mall to me. That's why we had no clue of where to get the ferry tickets when we first got into the terminal building.

A travel agent representative spotted the three disorientated tourists and offered to bring us to get the tickets, and we were directed to the travel agent and showed the way to the departure hall.

I was so happy to see a trendy vessel. I thought I was going to go for the ride on this one.

But apparently it was not!

However, I was just judging the book by its cover. The interior of the vessel looks like a well-maintained commercial jetliner, but this vessel allows the passengers to bring in their own food, and this gentlemen actually opened up a packet of roasted and barbecue meat with rice!

Hong Kong, here we come!

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WoMbOk™♂ said...

Lol~ that certainly is a far cry from the express boats servicing the kuching - sibu route.

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