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Wednesday 13 February 2008

Wordless Wednesday – Orchids


Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Those are beautiful orchid flowers!! I'm also proud that they're my nation national flower :)
Happy WW!!

carrie said...


happy wednesday

Anonymous said...

Lovely flower, but they are not easy to handle. Heehe (=

Gabriel said...

What beautiful pictures!!!

Please come visit me and check my WW post for this week: First steps.

Happy WW!

Shannon said...

This is the second orchid I have seen on today's WW. These are great pictures. I am excited because one of my orchids is going to rebloom for the first time.

Andree said...

WW is turning out to be such a showcase of fantastic photographs (or else I luckily come across them all!). These are outsatnding beautiful photos.

Utah Mommy said...

Like i said before, i will not get tired of the beauty of nature. They are just too beautiful. Happy Valentines Day!
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My Little Funny Boy

Anonymous said...

CK, these are stunning orchid photos. (And by the way, all of your Chinese New Year food shots in the posts below made my mouth water.)

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