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Saturday 31 May 2008

The Nikon Pilgrimage – Part 2

While I was at the Nikon Plaza of Ginza, I found out that there was another photo exhibition at the Nikon Plaza of Shinjuku. Furthermore, admission was free! I couldn't resist anything that is free. Something that is free is barely available nowadays.

Similar to the Nikon Plaza of Ginza, there was a whole line-up of Nikon cameras in production. I played with the D3 again!

The photos showcased in the gallery area were winning photos from the Nikon Photography Contest. I think the theme was landscape this time.

There was another section of exhibition with the theme 'Happy People.' I felt very happy after seeing all the photos on exhibit. I think they have put the theme very precisely. I'm inspired to capture the images of happy people as well. It makes me happy.

The Nikon Plaza at Shinjuju is located at the 28th floor of a building called L-Tower. So, there is a spectacular view of Shinjuku at the lift lobby.

Having been to both Nikon Plazas in Tokyo, my Nikon pilgrimage in Tokyo is complete. By the time they have the third one open in Tokyo, I may be back again.

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