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Monday 25 August 2008

CK Can Cook Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki, or normally known as Japanese pizza/pancake to foreigners, is a very simple dish. Therefore, most of the restaurants leave it to the guests to D.I.Y.

There is an okonomiyaki restaurant near the place I'm staying, so my Japanese friend brought me to this restaurant to have a taste of the authentic Japanese okonomiyaki.




I ordered an Original Mix during my first visit as this is the most authentic taste of okonomiyaki. Minutes later, a bowl with all the ingredients was presented to me.


I didn't know what to do with it until my Japanese friend showed me this:


So, I started to follow the steps very closely in my cooking-challenged attempt. I was told to mix everything thoroughly before throwing everything onto the hot plate, so I did.


After throwing the mix onto the hot plate and made into a pie shape, it was still looking good.


When it was overturned, it was still not too bad looking.


When it was ready, I had to swipe the okonomiyaki sauce onto the surface, add some mayonnaise, and then sprinkle the shredded bonito fish flakes and some ground herbs.


After I had cut it into serving size, it was really not too bad looking! It tasted really nice too. I wonder whether it was the mix or my pan-frying skills. Haha! :D


During my second visit, I ordered a Hiroshima Yaki Mix. This time, the ingredients were more complicated.


Complicated ingredients meant more steps in making the Hiroshima Yaki.


Since I had ordered it, I had to cook it. I was already very hungry, you know! I even followed the way the thin slices of belly meat was arranged in the pictorial instruction.


Crepe-topped veggies on the right, fried soba on the left... I had to follow the instruction very clearly as I have mentioned that I am cooking-challenged. It looks a bit messier but still quite close to the one in the pictorial instruction.



After I sprinkled the bonito fish flakes and ground herbs, I only realised that I forgot to swipe the surface with the okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise!


Oh, well, that could always be salvaged by adding them later. Not bad, huh?!


When it was ready and served on my own plate, I was quite proud of it. It was a very delicious Japanese pancake!



Melissa said...

holy cow, what a fun resturant! That is sooo fun!

Kat said...

I can hardly make scrabled eggs I would strave at that But it looks like alot of fun to try!

Marlene Lo said...

Wow CK, you really experienced Japan! Your visit to Japan is so detail and FUN!

s@m巧彦 said...

wow! so delicious.
you are always good in looking for nice food to savour...

jams o donnell said...

I'd never seen that sort of restaurant before. It looks like fun... and very tasty too I bet! Happy WT/WW

CK Ng said...

Motherhood for Dummies, Kat and jams o donnell:> Yes, this restaurant was really fun! Sometimes I just sook my okonomiyaki my own way without following the photo instructions. Haha! :D

marlene:> You were here for only 6 days but I'm here for 6 months mah! :D

sam:> Since I'm here in Japan, I have to make it worth the stay. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're really enjoying! :D

Anonymous said...

oishi!!! i love japs food but i haven't tried this one. it looks soooo good!!

Tink *~*~* said...

Cook-your-own restaurant - very innovative! I can't think of a comparison in the United States.

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Anonymous said...

the hiroshima yaki mix sure looks complicated but gooood!

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