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Friday, 29 August 2008

Joanna Wang's Debut Album, Japanese Pressing

I went to hunt for Joanna Wang's 'Start from Here' album today at the biggest Tower Records store in Tokyo, the main store at Shibuya. I was quite disappointed when I couldn't find it on the information kiosk.

When I was walking towards Tower Records, I spotted a HMV store along the way, so I decided to try my luck there. There were plenty of them there! So, if you are in Japan and looking for international music, HMV is a better place to look for it.



However, the Japanese pressing doesn't come with the second disc with the Chinese tracks, so I'm still looking forward to receiving the CD from China from Marlene the D.


marlene said...

This packaging is so much better than the China version...

CK-II said...

The China pressing is also good la. Got 2 discs. :) Thanks ya!

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