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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Shy Bull

Shyabu Shyabu is in fact the Japanese hot pot/steam bot which you cook your own food in the boiling soup. Although it is also a type of D.I.Y. food, it was not as tough as making my own okonomiyaki.

The restaurant we went to is just two or three stone throws from the university, so it was a very convenient place for me. To top it off, it offers tabehodai (eat-all-you-can)!


Most of the interior of Japanese restaurants is in the Zen style, making all the guests feel very at home.


There were a few choices of soup bases. We chose two, which were soy milk and spicy soup. I didn't know that soy milk can be used for shyabu shyabu before this!


The main ingredient in shyabu shyabu is meat, so we started with a tray of ro-su (loins) and ca-ru-bi (rib meat). I think the thinner the meat is cut, the better, in shyabu shyabu terms.


Other side ingredients we ordered were just some minced chicken in bamboo tubes and some veggies.



The proper way of eating shyabu shyabu is to dip just a piece of one thing into the boiling soup at a time. However, we couldn't wait to eat everything we ordered, so we threw everything in!


There are two kinds of sauce to go with the food, but I would choose the sesame sauce over the shyoyu (soy sauce), anytime!



eastcoastlife said...

I love sesame sauce too. :)

Sue said...

Those look like some very yummy meals! Happy WW :)

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