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Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Man with a Pink Teddy Bear

When I was roaming around at Harajuku looking for the cosplay teenagers, I saw something even more interesting! This guy was very obliging to pose for me when I pointed my camera at him.


On another day, while I was having my lunch at a fast food restaurant at Takeshita Dori, I saw him passing by again!


He must be the most 'fashionable' guy in Japan. Don't you think so?


angelyee said...

haha..The pinky bear ear he is wearing is kinda cute tough.. :)

derbe said...


kvct said...

*shake head*
what is going on in japan...
ck ck.. how did u charm them to pose for you??!!


CK-II said...

angelyee:> But he is not as cute!

derbe:> Maybe you can try this in Kuching. :p

kvct:> I didn't charm him. He posed for anybody with a camera. :D

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