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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Uni Sashimi

Hokkaido is the best place to find the freshest seafood in Japan as the whole island is surrounded by seas rich in yummy seafood. One of the best places to find seafood in Hokkaido is the Nijo Market in Sapporo.

When I was wandering around Nijo Market, I saw many types of seafood that I have never seen before. This particular shop attracted my attention as I saw many people eating something like rambutan.


A closer look at those creatures confirmed that there weren't rambutan, they were some shaved uni (pronounced as oo-nee, sea urchin).

I have tasted some uni sushi in Tokyo but it was not as fresh as these. These were actually life ones!


So, I chose the smallest one and asked the shopkeeper to prepare it as sashimi for me.


This was the best uni that I have ever had in Japan! It was just pure freshness of the sea without the odour (those who have taken the not-so-fresh uni should know what I mean by the odour). It wasn't cheap though, at ¥540 for this small one, but it was worth an experience of the freshest uni.


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