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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sapporo TV Tower

One of the landmarks in Sapporo City is a 147.2 metre high tower for broadcasting purposes built in 1957. The Sapporo TV Tower is occupying the eastern end of Odori Park, the most prominent park right in the centre of Sapporo.


At late evening, the lighting will lit the entire steel frame of the tower to provide a view very similar to Tokyo Tower.


There are digital clocks at all four sides of the tower. Time is really a precious element for the Japanese people.


There is a lift to the observation deck at a height of 90.38 metres for a good panoramic view of Sapporo.


The flower bed contest display can be a very good foreground to view Sapporo TV Tower. I sat on a bench under the gentle gust to enjoy a wonderful afternoon while admiring the tower and watching the people.


I enjoyed very much the view of the TV Tower with perfect symmetry too.



And then I realised that I wanted a self-portrait with the Sapporo TV Tower and I set my camera on a tripod for this souvenir shot.



haan said...

putting the photo with u inside as the last one.. good idea... ;)

CK Ng said...

This is what I call 'save the best for last'! Haha! :D

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