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Saturday 9 February 2008

Chinese New Year Goodies. Part 1: Cakes

My sister-in-law runs a home-based bakery, so our house is never short of Chinese New Year goodies, especially cakes. This year is no exception that she baked a rich chocolate cake for us to feed the guest for the first day of Chinese New Year. She supplied us with enough variety of layered cakes to last for the whole duration of the Chinese New Year celebration too.

These are very good still-life subjects for photography with all the lines, colours and textures. Therefore, I started a project of photography during this Chinese New Year on the Chinese New Year goodies. I'll post them in a series, so please stay tuned on CK Go Places.

The extra-rich chocolate cake. Very yummy!

The traditional layered cake (kuih lapis).

Layered cake with banana essence.

Layered cake with yam flavour.

Layered cake with prunes.

Layered cake with hawberry flakes.

My sister-in-law bakes layered cakes for sale only during Chinese New Year. She's got a remarkabe number of dedicated customers who always fill up her baking slots two months before every Chinese New Year. If you wanna try your luck next year, she can be reached at Christina's Cakes (zero-one-three-8949298). She's got a list of yummy cheese cakes on her brochure during non-festive seasons too which are made to order.


haan said...

CK, you are BAD!!!!!

You kill me in late night now with the attractive chocolate cake photo.. you know, i'm always a die-heart chocoholic.. it's a big torture being able to ONLY SEE!!

CK Ng said...

Hi Haan, I hope you won't kill me by telling you that the chocolate cake that my sister-in-law makes is way way better than the one at Secret Recipe. LOL!

Anonymous said...

hi ck!

mind sending me some? hehe
looks yummy!


xoxo said...

oppsss happy chinese new year!

CK Ng said...

may> Just drop by my house and I can serve them to you. :)

sexy momma> Happy CNY to you too. :)

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