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Wednesday 26 March 2008

Macao Food Got Enough

After a few days of indulgence in food, shopping and sight-seeing in Hong Kong, we headed back to Macao to spend our last two days of vacation. We weren't paying much attention to the casinos anymore. What we cared about was food!

After the incidence of having difficulty to find the authentic Macao food, we decided to look for food further away from the town centre. So we boarded the bus heading to Coloane Village, whilst fighting for space with the school children!

There is a legendary bakery at the Coloane Town Square that is said to serve the best Portuguese egg tarts. Any food hunter in Macao wouldn't miss that. That includes the three of us!

All the egg tarts are hand-made by these experienced aunties, so there shouldn't be any compromise on quality in this 19-year old bakery.

There were many other things around, but they just couldn't catch much of our attention.

All we cared about were the the egg tarts!

Most of the patrons like to sit on the benches outside the bakery but the three of us preferred to be different. So, we went hunting for a more cosy place to indulge ourselves in the egg tarts.

The slightly charred custard surface and the multi-layered pastry make them different from the egg tarts in Hong Kong.

After tasting the egg tarts, Macao had salvaged itself from my criticism of 'Macao Food No Enough.' Feeling satisfied, we went strolling the historical streets around Coloane Town Square to admire the charm of old times.

When we were about to leave, there were still many people flocking into Lord Stow's Bakery for the egg tarts although it was already near closing time.


Rebecca said...

Those are some interesting pictures. But the first one - that building would scare me too much to go anywhere near it. Oh well.

Happy WW :-)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ck, i miss those tarts! next time, i'm going to check out the town bc what we did was keep the taxi meter running while we went to get the tarts, the zoom off to get the pork buns in the town,then went to Senado Sq, crazy! ur pics have captured the rusticity of the old town :)did u try the almond cookies? depending on the brand, i ate some tt were excellent n i still think about them.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

frigga: yes, tt bldg is a joke and as ugly as they come. we were there in July last year as the bldg was nearing completion and we agreed with the saying "Have money but not taste/class."

s@m巧彦 said...

i LOVE egg tarts.
my dad used to bought egg tarts for me whenever he went to work in mersing. and out of so many egg tarts i've eaten so far, those from mersing are the ones that captured my heart and always wanna ask more for it. =)

CK Ng said...

Hi Terry, we actually took a bus from the city centre to Coloane Village, so we had all the time we wanted before catching the bus back to the city centre again. :) The almond cookies we tasted were also very nice, I brought some of them back home.

Hi Sam, egg tarts are also my favourite food. If you happened to be in Macao, don't miss the Portuguese egg tarts. While you are in Hong Kong, don't miss the "Fei-Paang egg tarts."

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