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Thursday 24 April 2008

Men's Machines, Women's Tools

Amlux is a building near the JR Ikebukuro Station, showcasing the latest models of Toyota cars for the consumers. Everybody can try any model on display, but of course not test-driving. You would have to plunge down if you insist on test-driving one.

When I entered the building, I was first greeted by this F1 car on a revolving platform.

Oh gosh! Was I in Akihabara again? More video games? Nah, they are just driving simulators.

This hemisphere is the theatre showing the development and the future in green technology.

This is the latest 'Ninja King.' It'll probably hit Malaysian roads in one or two years.

X-men's car? Oh, I got it! Mark 10.

The Camry looks different from the Malaysian model. I wonder whether this will be the new model coming up in Malaysian market next year.

The Crowns have never been on the Malaysian roads for years.

I have never seen this before. It looks like a limousine.

Other than the big machines for the men, there are also small city cars for the ladies.

I was expecting more on the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) but unfortunately there was very limited information on it.

The last thing that caught my eyes was that dinosaur-like personal mover for the future.

Imagine that you are lying down while driving!

What has a robot got to do with cars? Well, they just need to tell people that they are in the forefront of the technology.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Gearheads' Heaven

If you think you are qualified to be a gearhead, wait till you get to Akihabara. There' definitely something that you have never seen before. At the rate of the new products are rolling out on the market, it is not a surprise to see a new product each day. Akihabara IS the place if you wanna know what's new in the electronic world.

Every shop that you step in, you'll surely find something that you've always wanted, but maybe there are too many zeros on the price tag.

Electronic gears are not only sold in shops, there are also street vendors.

There are also promoters everywhere on the streets. This is not a fish market, OK?! Fish mongers don't wear mini-skirts to work!

If you think that buying ready-made gadgets is not challenging enough for you, you can always turn into the small alleys to find all the parts you need to build your own gadgets.

Hey ladies! These are not jewelry! Don't be too excited when your husband brings some home.

Have you seen people sell computers on the streets? Only in Akihabara!

There are just too many shops and stalls to see. I could only explore a small part of Akihabara in one day.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

The Virtual World

Electronic games have been part of my growing up since secondary school time. I still remember that my first TV game console was the Atari with only 4 colours and chunky graphics. Then I moved on to a 16-colour computer, followed by another one with 256 colours for electronic games. Then came the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo. Then I stopped on electronic gaming. I only play simple games on my computer nowadays. I've lost touch with the electronic gaming business.

Not until I visited Akihabara, I came to realised that electronic gaming nowadays are light years ahead of where my knowledge was! Those who are playing electronic games should be very familiar with the two giants in this business, Sega and Taito.

Entering any of these game stations is like entering a new world. Everybody is just so indulged in their own game.

There are even pods that one can enter to join a troop of robots to have a battle with the other troop. The control console is exactly like what you see in the anime series Gundam.

Not knowing how to play any of these games, I could just resort to watch the 'battle' in between troops on a big LCD screen.

I think a lot of people like wars and battles. They can't do it in the real world, they created the virtual world to satisfy their needs in this avenue.

I really don't know what this person was doing on the control console. Probably he was playing as a commander for some Gundam troops. There were squares on the console that the players placed their card, but I really don't know what they were doing!

I played Virtual Fighter 1 and 2, but now it has reached the fifth generation! The graphics and action are just miles ahead of what I knew about this game!

Monday 21 April 2008

Anime Craze

Akihabara in Tokyo is famous as an electric town for all the latest gadgets that you can find from the creativity of the Japanese. Over the years, this place has expanded into electronic games and everything that is associated with it, i.e., anime, comics, action figures, etc.

It is really a haven for those anime fans. I used to be one during my younger days. That's why I like to see all these things even after leaving it for years. I guess when I like something, it is going to stick with me for a long time.

In Akihabara, you can find buildings just selling anime related goods. One floor maybe video discs, another floor for comics, then action figures and models, cards and some limited edition goods on other floors.

There's never lacking in shops selling plastic, ceramic and metal models of the anime characters.

If I were to buy just one figure each for every character I saw, I think I'll need a 40-footer container to ship them back!

Luckily I'm not as crazy about them as I was years ago. If not, I'll be broke!

Some of the figures are mini size, probably just about 2-3 inches tall, but those details they put on to the figures make me feel that they are actually worth the price.

I started to like anime when I saw the series 'Macross' or 'Robotech,' and I think it is still the best anime series ever produced. Well, probably I haven't seen any new ones for years. So, whenever I see those figures, I wish I can take them home with me, especially the fully transformable ones! I wish I can ship this rack back home!

There are not only shops selling action figures. They are also up for grab in electronic games shops. Do you wanna try your luck there? You can bring them home with just one token if you are lucky enough.

There are just everywhere. Even on the street!

Sunday 20 April 2008

A New Leaf

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