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Saturday 22 September 2007

Jacky Cheung Singing for the Echo Session

How could we let Jacky leave so early, right? We shouted and roared until he came back out again!

Jacky sings his more contemporary love song, "Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le" (我真的受傷了, I'm Hurt Indeed).

Another karaoke favourite, "Xin Ru Dao Ge" (心如刀割, Cuts Like a Knife) followed by "Qing Shu" (情書, Love Letter).

A very relevant song for the concert, "Ta Lai Ting Wo De Yan Chang Hui" (她來聽我的演唱會, She Comes to Listen to My Concert).

A gal kept on shouting "Lei Hoeng Laan! Lei Hoeng Laan!" So Jacky was obliged to perform "Lei Hoeng Laan" (李香蘭, Li Xiang Lan).

Well, even the best thing in life comes to an end, so we sang "Zhu Fu" (祝福, Blessing) together with Jacky to mark a beautiful ending of his "The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07."

We'll have to wait till next time the Heavenly King descends to Malaysia again, but nobody knows when.

Jacky Cheung Singing Songs from His Musicals

This is a special segment of the Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07 in which Jacky sang the songs from his two musicals, Snow Wolf Lake (雪狼湖) and Perhaps, Love (如果愛).

It has come to the end of the concert, the finale with the song "Perhaps, Love" (如果愛). I love this song very much!

Jacky Cheung Singing His Classic Love Ballads

After the segment of singing other stars' classics, Jacky revert back to his own classic love ballads, which was another highlight moment of his perfect concert performance.

Everybody at the concert knows the lyrics of "Mui Tin Oi Nei Do Jat Se" (每天愛你多一些, Love You Even More Everyday) by heart.

This forever popular song in any karaoke, "Wen Bie" (吻別, Kissing Goodbye), is another monumental Mandarin love ballad of Jacky. Alright, lets listen to 30,000 people singing karaoke with Jacky!

Friday 21 September 2007

Jacky Cheung Singing Other Stars' Classics

In one of the segments of the Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07, he sang three songs of other stars' classics. I enjoyed this segment very much and would like to share them with you all here. :)

Jacky sings Wakin Chou's (周華健) "Ming Tian Wo Yao Jia Gei Ni" (明天我要嫁給你, I Will Marry You Tomorrow).

I think Jacky's performance of this Stefanie Sun's (孫燕姿) "Tian Hei Hei," or in Hokkien, "Ti Oh Oh" (天黑黑, Cloudy Day), is better than the original singer. What do you think?

This is a song by the "Prince of Love Ballads" Jeff Chang's (張信哲) "Ai Ru Chao Shui" (愛如潮水, Love is Like a Tide). Jacky has controlled the singing of this song very well. I enjoyed it very very much.

Thursday 20 September 2007

Jacky Cheung Singing Lullabies Dedicated to His Wife and Daughters

In one of the segment of the Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07, Jacky dedicated all the songs to his family members.

The monumental album in year 2004, "Life is Like a Dream" that Jacky Cheung is most proud of, consists of all songs written by himself. There are two songs in this album that he dedicated to his wife and the eldest daughter.

This one was written for his wife Lo Mei Mei (羅美薇), "Gong Nei Zi" (講你知, To Let You Know).

As for this one, it was written for his seven-year old eldest daughter Cheung Jiu Wa (張瑤華), "Jiu Jiu" (瑤瑤, Precious and Pure).

Jacky confessed that he hasn't written anything for his two-year old youngest daughter Cheung Jiu Hyun (張瑤萱), so he just dedicated this song to her which is from his 2007 Mandarin album with the same name, "Zai Ni Shen Bian" (在你身邊, By Your Side).

Wednesday 19 September 2007

Jacky Cheung Singing His Cantonese Classics

These were all taken and recorded during the Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07, on the 14th of September, 2007. The concert was really mesmerising! The stage was so well built and the lighting was just splendid.

The LCD panel at the back of the stage just blinks like the spectrum analyzer found in some equalisers of a hi-fi.

Sometimes the LCD shows the close up shot of Jacky so that the poor us at the back row of the spectator stand could have a good look at him.

Alright, enough talking, lets listen to Jacky singing his forever green "Jiu Jyun Dik Ta" (遙遠的他, She's So Far Away).

Another all time classic "Zi Soeng Jat Saang Gan Nei Zau" (祇想一生跟你走, Wishing to Follow You All My Life).

A classic fast rythm song, "Ngo Long Cyun Syut" (餓狼傳說, Legend of a Hungry Wolf).

Tuesday 18 September 2007

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07 – Prelude

With the tickets for the concert in our hands, we were all ready to roar at the concert!

The whole streets of Kuala Lumpur was just filled with the concert posters.

We thought that taking a ride on LRT (Light Rail Transit) was quite crowded and slow, but to our surprise, it was a fast and not so congested ride.

We were there at the Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium quite early at about 7:30 p.m. So Nee bought a fluorescent stick to help cheer on Jacky Cheung.

I felt like I've gained my childhood happiness with the fluorescent stick borrowed from Nee.

The stage looks the same for the world tour concerts elsewhere. It's show time, get ready for the explosion!

Here are two video trailers of the concert opening for you to experience the ambiance. :)

The Things We Did Before Meeting up with Jacky Cheung

14/9/2007 was the day, yes, the day for us to meet up with Jacky Cheung! The concert was 8:30 p.m. though, so we spent the day and afternoon time hunting for food again, hehe!

During brunch time, we were hunting for the famous 'cha siew' (叉燒, barbecue pork) along Jalan Alor (in fact it was along Jalan Tong Shin) but the stall keeper told us that it was not ready. In fact that was the wrong coffee shop we went to. I'll talk about it later.

Having other food in the same coffee shop scanned through, there was nothing interesting, so we walk back to Jalan Alor for the 'ban mian' (板麵, flaked flour noodles) which was good. The stork was sweet and the fried anchovies were extra crunchy.

I ordered another bowl of pork-meat balls (豬肉丸) and fish pastes (魚滑) soup to share with Greg and Nee.

A closer look at a pork-meat ball (豬肉丸) which could bounce in your mouth.

The fish paste (魚滑) would just dissolve in your mouth without much effort of munching.

This is the order of Nee, the fish fillet in vermicelli soup (魚片米粉). I dunno how it taste like though as I didn't dig into her bowl, hehe!

After the food for brunch was digested, we went to hunt for dinner two-and-a-half hours before the concert. We were in Times Square looking for interesting food and saw a fishtail banner of "Uncle Duck." Sounds nice isn't it? But, the photos on the menu look pathetic and we were not into it. Then we spotted a nearby restaurants with many patrons.

The menu items of Hong Kong food culture just made us mouth-watering and we quickly ordered the food by looking at the pictures.

And I just sat patiently for our food to arrive.

This french toast with melted peanut butter on the inside and half-melted butter and extra peanut butter on the outside is just splendid!

Cutting out the french toast with the lava-like peanut butter flowing out is just another appetizing treat.

These are the deep-fried crispy seafood salad rolls. They go very well with the mayonnaise given to us.

The cut-out of a crispy seafood salad roll revealing the stuffing inside.

We ordered one main dish of pork-meat ball spaghetti. I like the sauce with a sweet taste of garlic, but Nee didn't like the strong taste of garlic though.

We had the pork ribs in barbecue sauce as well. This dish is also sweet and the onions balanced the taste of the pork ribs very well.

Our other main course was a fried vermicelli with prawns and dried shrimps, the only dish which tasted on the salty side. We didn't finish it as it was not that nice.

This is one of the best main courses we ordered! The baked-cheese rice in chicken cutlet. The chicken cutlet was just so tender and went well with the cheese taste. The rice was probably fried rice in eggs baked on lotus leaf and under the cheese topping. We finished the whole thing inside the bamboo steam box, without a grain of rice left!

And to pamper my mouth after the food, I had a mango in shaved ice to wash the food down further. There's nothing special about this dessert though.

Greg ordered a red beans in shaved ice and commented that it was not that good too.

After a very satisfying meal, we were smiling all the way to the Monorail station and up we went for Jacky Cheung's concert!

Our Arrival to Meet Jacky Cheung in K.L.

I've just been back yesterday from K.L. for "The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2007" and "Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2007." I was struck with a very serious flu and was eventually sleeping for the whole day and whole night yesterday. I have to take sick leave after seeing a doctor today and the doctor gave me the strongest antibiotic as she said the flu during this season is a nuisance, so better kill it off as soon as possible. I feel much better now after taking the medicine, and therefore can sit in front of my PC to write this, in the midst of my sick leave, hehe! Oh, it's 4:45 p.m. now, so my sick leave has lapsed, huh!

Well, on 13/9/2007, I, Nee and Greg flew to K.L. from Kuching on MAS. We arrived K.L. at about 2:30 p.m.

All the three stooges were so happy that we would be meeting up our idol the next day [Greg should be discounted though].

I'm very happy and excited about having two friends accompanying me to the concert!

Then another closer look at my happy face, hehe!

Luck was on our side. We were given off season rate for the hotel, yeah!

And of course, we chose the I-Room with internet access. This is the view from the hotel room.

This is the reason for the internet access. Greg was mending his "Greg & Nee on the Go" blog [not "goblok"], haha!

How can I fall behind? So I started mending my "CK Go Places" blog too.

Greg & Nee have been to a steamboat restaurant before and they told me that it is very highly recommended, so we decided to go there for dinner.

Our couple friends picked us up at the hotel at around 7:00 p.m. and up we went on the hunt of good food! Why do they have to put the word Taiwan bigger than the name of the restaurant?

Dun play play! This restaurant has got some 'feng shui' pot!

Without much delay, we started ordering food from this gorgeous captain of the restaurant. Her Mandarin accent is definitely mainland China. Then Greg teased me that I should go to China to look for one like that, haha! Thanks Greg, I will consider that seriously!

We were served with some herbal drinks, as according to the restaurant owner, that it has a body cooling effect for the heaty steamboat.

This is the double-flavour pot with spicy and non-spicy stock.

The ultra-thin sliced pork fillet for us to dip inside the hot pot.

And some of the stuff were just thrown into the hot pot for thorough cooking.

I'll leave the food review to Nee on her blog as she's better at tearing the food apart, haha! I'll update you with the Jacky Cheung's concert later.

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