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Saturday 1 December 2012

Waroeng Penyet

Waroeng Penyet is a fast-food concept restaurant serving Indonesian food in Singapore and Malaysia. When I was planning for my trip to Singapore this year, I came to know about Waroeng Penyet from a renown Singapore blogger.


Since I was staying near Bugis, I went for the outlet there. The address is 1 Liang Seah Street #01-12, which is opposite Bugis Junction. It wasn't so crowded as I was there half an hour before the peak lunch break hour. There were only two tables occupied, so I thought I could get my food pretty quickly. I wasn't that right as the food here is prepared to order, not the typical pre-prepared fast food type of restaurant. While I was waiting for my food, they were just starting to serve the food to the other tables.


My food finally came 20 minutes after I took my seat. My order was the signature dish here which is Ayam Penyet. The direct translation from the Indonesian name would be flattened fried chicken. It was a set lunch with rice and chicken soup.


Besides the fried chicken, there were some side dishes served with the set lunch. There was a cube of fried tofu and a piece of tempeh, some sort of fermented soy-bean cake. The chili sauce is of course mandatory.


The fried chicken was crispy on the outside and moistly tender on the inside. The tofu and tempeh were fried to perfection as well. It was a satisfactory meal although I can find equally good ayam penyet in Kuching.

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