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Saturday 23 June 2012


Okaki is the original word for rice crackers in Japanese. It is one of the most common snacks in Japan. Okaki comes in many shapes and sizes, and flavours too.

This packet of okaki was one of the first packets of snacks I bought in Japan. I bought it just by the look of it, as it looked delicious. Only later when I know more of the Japanese words, I realised that this is the shoyu flavour, which is soy sauce.

I like okaki because it has the rice fragrance and very crunchy too. After I had finished this packet, I continued on with the second, the third, etc. for my six-month stay in Japan.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Laksa on a Hot Sunday

The weather in Kuching has been extremely hot and humid for the past few days. Today is no exception. I had been, and still sweating no matter while I am awake or sleeping. I really hope that it will rain soon.

This morning, while sweating, I received a message from one of my photography buddies calling for breakfast/brunch at Sin Chong Choon, an eatery with one of the best laksa in town. I already had breakfast but I still joined them for chit-chatting while enjoying a cuppa.

After a round of chit-chat revolving around photography and travelling, it was already lunch time. Since I was at the place well-known for its laksa I shouldn't have ordered anything else but laksa.

This was only my second or third time having Sin Chong Choon laksa as I seldom eat out for breakfast or lunch, especially during weekends. I had already forgotten the taste of laksa at this place but I could finally recall it today. It is a spicier version of Sarawak laksa. The taste of spices is plentiful and the gravy is very thick with coconut milk. Although I was sweating while gobbling up the bowl of vermicelli in spiced soup, I still managed to finished the whole bowl.

I also heard about how good the teh-'c'-peng special here, so I ordered one without the special and without sugar as well. The special version is with palm sugar added. My glass of tea with evaporated milk was really nice, even without the sugar. It was really smooth and refreshing, a very good match to the spicy laksa. It was really a thirst quencher.

After a round of food and drink, we chit-chatted again for a little while until the shop was about to call it a day. Then the meeting of the photography gang was adjourned.

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