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Saturday 9 March 2013

Bedrock Dinner

Bedrock Bar & Grill is a restaurant at the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites along Somerset Road in Singapore. On the menu, you will find an amalgamation of international cuisine. I got to try some of the nice dishes there during my visit to Singapore last year.

Whenever my sister in law brings me for dinner, she will never fail to ask for fresh oysters if they are available. The Irish oysters on that night were so fresh and sweet despite the deflated appearance.

Irish fresh oyster

The Panko Caesar Salad was the best Caesar salad I have ever had thus far. The baby cos was so green and crunchy. The white anchovies, panko (bread crumb) egg and bacon added a variety of taste. The dressing was top notch!

Panko Caesar Salad

My main course was the Tuna "Au Poivre" with pepper-crusted tuna steak. The tuna steak was grilled to medium rare with a tender core which was perfect. It is worth mentioning that the smoked tomato jam that came with it made an excellent sauce to the tuna.

Tuna "Au Poivre"

I had a small bite of the Applewood Grilled Chicken and it was very good too. The boneless spring chicken was still juicy and tender even though the skin looked a little charred.

Applewood Grilled Chicken

The grilled ribs that was on the special menu came well glazed. The divine taste of the ribs still linger around my mind when I am writing this. It has already replaced the best ribs that I had in South Africa. It was so well marinated and grilled with the meat so easily debonded from the bones.

Grilled ribs

I have forgotten which type of steak we had but the medium rare steak was just so succulently delicious! Even though I was so full with all the other food, I still managed to gobble up several cuts.

Beef steak

When the Macaroni & Cheese was served, we weren't very convinced by the look. However, it was a surprise! It was actually very nice but one of our dining partners still felt that it wasn't well baked. So, we asked for a re-bake before we finished up that whole plate of Mac & Cheese.

Macaroni & Cheese

After the meal, the waiter came with the dessert menu of the day and the Pina Colada Sorbet caught my eyes. It was a refreshing dessert to cap off the satisfying dinner.

Pina Colada Sorbet

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