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Friday 28 August 2015

Dublin: Christ Church Cathedral - The Interior

After the first visit to the Christ Church Cathedral, we went back to the largest cathedral in Dublin again on another day to have a visit inside. During this visit, we had ample time to walk around the cathedral compound and the inside of the cathedral.



The interior of the cathedral was extensively renovated in Victorian times to save it from collapsing. However, the cathedral is still a good reference of medieval church for the later church building.








There are many nice stained-glass windows inside the cathedral and these are just some of them. The stained-glass windows are mostly telling the bible stories in pictorial form. I am not a Christian but I could still admire the craftsmanship put into making them.




If you happen to be just having the time to visit only one church in Dublin, then the Christ Church Cathedral will not be your wrong choice. It has many things to offer as a cathedral for tourists like you and me.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Dublin: Trinity College

Trinity College was founded as the 'mother' of a new university in 1592. However, no other college was ever established thereafter and it remains the sole constituent of the University of Dublin until today. Therefore, Trinity College is synonymous to University of Dublin for practical purpose.



We took a guided tour of the college during our visit and our guide was a student volunteer. He was very proud to be a student at the best university in Ireland and also a top-ranked university in the world.



Despite its location in the bustle and hustle of the city of Dublin, the college ground retains a tranquil atmosphere, thanks to the compact design of the college layout. Being one of the top tourist attractions in Dublin, the college also remains conducive for the students.


The highlight of the college tour was non other than the visit to the Old Library to see the Book of Kells. Yes, you hear me right, to see, but not to read this ancient text. No photo-taking was allowed, so I don't have any photo of this precious book kept in this library along with some other ancient books.


The visit to the library includes a walking tour of the Long Room which houses very rare and early volumes of books. After walking through the Long Room, we concluded the tour of the college.





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