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Thursday 4 June 2009

Ippudo Ramen

Ippudo Ramen was recommended in the Lonely Planet travel guide, so I decided to try it out when I was visiting Ebisu some time in May last year.

Following the map in the travel guide, I could find the shop finally!

The menu placed at the display window is in Japanese, so it is a bit difficult for foreigners who don't know the language.

Inside the shop, there is a long counter along the cooking station. Patrons can always see how their noodles are cooked there.

I chose to sit at a table with stools on both sides as it was more comfortable.

The bowl of ramen I ordered was in rich pork broth that has a very meaty taste. For those who has not tasted ramen before, you may not like the thick broth.

Tossing some beansprouts and pickled cabbage and grating some fresh garlic into the ramen, the rich pork broth actually tasted much nicer.

If you are in Ebisu next time, you can give it a try. The ramen is nice.

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