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Saturday 14 May 2011

British Museum: Private China Collection

I have a strong passion for pottery and porcelain as I grew up in a pottery factory. It is always fascinating to see the soft clay being transformed into hard and brittle wares. Even more fascinating is to see the mineral ink paintings on them disappear under the coating of glaze and reappear after the firing process in the kiln.

When I was visiting British Museum back in June 2009, there was an exhibition of China from a private collection. So, missing it was something out of the equation in my itinerary list!

Wednesday 11 May 2011

More Gastronomic Journalism with My iPhone

Sarawak Club Golf Resort is just several stone throws away from my office, so I go there for lunch quite frequently. I pretty much like the setting of the restaurant which has an open terrace overlooking the vast green golf course. Most of the food there are quite nice.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Beef Burger

Terrace Fried Rice

In Kuching, an eatery can survive very well by just specialising in one type of food and doing it well. Ayuke Fish Chef (阿魚哥) is one of the more successful examples. The name of the shop is self-explanatory; everything is about fish here.

Fish head bee hoon in milk-based broth

Another successful example is Shan City Kopitiam (山城板麵), specialising in just pan mee or ban mian; a type of hand-made noodles.

Traditional ban mian

Another shop similar to Ayuke Fish Chef is 魚之香, selling only food associated with fish.

Special mixed seafood with bee hoon in milk-based broth

A specialised food outlet can be run from home as well. This kueh chap place at Bintawa is very prominent. Even people from abroad knows about it!

One big, two medium and one small kueh chap

Last but not least for this blog post, my favourite food at Causeway Bay; the cha siew puff. I can eat two plates of these puffs and crave for more!

Cha siew puff

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